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What is Trademark and Its Process – Trademark Registration in Hyderabad

Trademark Registration in Hyderabad Trademark is one of the intellectual property rights. Trademark is registered when a service is associated […]

What is Copyright – Copyright Registration in Cochin

Copyright Registration in Cochin Copyright is one of the intellectual properties.Usually a Copyright symbol is written in C encircled and […]

Procedure to Renew Trademark Registration in Cochin

Procedure to renew trademark registration in India India is developing leaps and bounds as a destination for commerce. With it, […]


Trademark Litigation in India – Trademark Registration in Cochin

What Is Trademark Litigation in India? Every registered trademark is a unique mark. If a person is trying to replicate […]


Importance of Intellectual Property Rights – Trademark Registration in Cochin

In today’s marketplace state of affairs there is a lot of existing competition in each field. In order to carve […]


Permitted User of Trademark Registration in Coimbatore | An Overview

We all realize that trademark is a mark able to being represented graphically and which is able to distinguishing the […]


Trademark Objection Proceedings of Trademark Registration in Cochin

Often during the registration process, the Trademark Registrar or private character might also increase an objection for Trademark registration. The article […]


Correction of Trademark Application – Trademark Registration in Coimbatore

Introduction A trademark application, once submitted, can be subjected to specific adjustments to accurate some records that had been provided […]

What is Trademark – Trademark Registration in Coimbatore?

Trademark Registration in Coimbatore Trademark is a type of Intellectual Property. In trademark the unique symbol, word or a letter […]


Documents and Fees required for a Trademark Registration in India

Trademark Registration and Required Documents Getting a Trademark registration in India is a far simpler system in comparison to other […]