How to Transfer Ownership of Trademark – Trademark Registration in Cochin


How to transfer the ownership of trademark

A Trademark is a protected innovation, equivalent to an actual property like land. Very much like a proprietor of land has the privilege to sell or move his/her property, similarly, the proprietor of a trademark likewise has the option to do likewise to his/her trademark. Each proprietor of a trademark proprietor who wishes to move his/her right with respect to its trademark can do as such either by trademark permitting or trademark assignment which is represented under the Trademark Act, 1999. In this blog, we will examine regarding how a trademark proprietor can move his possession to someone else by the method of trademark assignment. How to Transfer Ownership of Trademark – Trademark Registration in Cochin is what we are going to be discussed in this blog and required documents.


Importance of Trademark Assignment

In simple words, a trademark assignment is a cycle through which possession and privileges of the trademark are moved to some other individual. A Trademark assignment happens between the gatherings solely after executing an understanding called Trademark Assignment Agreement.

Besides, the partial assignment of a trademark is known as trademark licensing. According to Section 37 of the Trademark Act, 1999 “the trademark assignment is a transfer of a proprietor’s right, title, and interest in a trademark registration or brand mark. For a situation where the trademark is enrolled, the assignment is expected to be recorded in the trademark register.”

Kinds of trademark assignment

Presently we will examine the sorts of trademark assignment individually for transfer the ownership of a trademark:

Complete Assignment

In such kind of assignment, complete freedoms are moved to the second party corresponding to the enrolled trademark. The proprietor of the trademark for this situation moves every one of the privileges to the next individual to procure eminences out of it. The proprietor of the trademark registration won’t hold any right on the trademark, when he moves the trademark through a consent to the subsequent party.

For eg: Mohit, proprietor of “ABC”, offers his entire relationship through a consent to Karan. Post this transfer, Mohit won’t hold any privileges according to “ABC”.

Partial assignment

On account of partial assignment, the responsibility for trademark is moved uniquely with respect to specific items/administrations as pre-chosen by both the gatherings through the Trademark Assignment Agreement. For this situation, the proprietor of the trademark registration can hold a couple of the freedoms and confine the transfer of trademark to explicit items and administrations as it were.

For eg: Mohit, the proprietor of meat and potatoes overall, moves restrictive privileges exclusively comparable to the bread and holds the freedoms over the margarine. This move is known as a Partial Assignment for transfer of ownership.

Assignment with Goodwill

In this classification of trademark assignment, the proprietor of the trademark moves the freedoms of trademark notwithstanding the worth of the trademark registration related with it. Whenever the assignment with goodwill happens, then, at that point, the freedoms and worth of the trademark are allowed to the second party to involve the proposed mark corresponding to the items and administrations.

For eg: if the proprietor of a brand “Amul” which manages dairy items offers his image to “X”, then, at that point “X” will actually want to utilize such brand as for its dairy items and different items which it makes. Assignment without generosity; The classification of “Assignment without goodwill” is otherwise called Gross Assignment. For this situation, the proprietor of the brand, while moving the trademark, confines the right of the purchaser to involve such a brand for the item which is now being utilized by the first proprietor. Subsequently, any generosity appended to such a brand as for the item previously being sold under such a brand isn’t moved to the purchaser.

For eg: if the proprietor of the trademark “SAMSUNG” involves it for creating and promoting of Mobile telephones and chooses to dole out it to one more party with no generosity, then, at that point, another party can involve the trademark for the items separated from the cell phones.

Benefits of Trademark Assignment

There are a few benefits of Trademark Assignment. Some of them are recorded beneath:

  1. Security for assignor and assignee

To carry on an authentic and legitimate trademark assignment for Trademark registration, a Trademark Assignment Agreement is executed between both the gatherings that incorporates the assignor and the trustee. Such lawful understanding goes about as a substantial verification and is permissible as a proof in court, in the event that any debate emerges between both the gatherings. Along these lines, it gets the freedoms of both the assignor and trustee.

  • Extension of Business

Assignment of trademark helps in business development as both the assignor and assignee get the option to work together the brand with their separate organizations.

  • Pre-laid out brand

You don’t have to put resources into time, cash or work in making and advertising of your image assuming you got the right on a generally settled notable brand through the course of trademark assignment. Trustee don’t need to make another brand and take the aggravation in getting it enlisted.

Procedure of Trademark Assignment in India

To apply for trademark registration task, follow the underneath bit by bit process:

1. Application for Trademark Assignment

First of each of the, an application for a trademark task should be made by the Assignor or Assignee or by both. The two of them can likewise together make a solicitation.

2. Documenting of TM-P form

In the subsequent stage, it is important to record the TM-P form by outfitting every one of the necessary subtleties of the transfer

  • Accommodation of Documents

After recording up TM-P form, you want to present every one of the fundamental archives expected for Trademark registration task to the Registrar of the Trademark inside a half year from the date of procurement of ownership.

  • Handling of the application

Once the use of task is effectively submitted alongside the fundamental reports, the application will be handled.

  • Commercial of the Assignment

As soon as your application is indicated, candidate need to make an ad for the task in such way as coordinated by Registrar. Additionally, present the duplicate of the bearing of Registrar and ad of the task in the workplace of Registrar.

  • Endorsement of the Assignment

On getting of the trademark registration task application alongside the archives, Registrar will check the application and after appropriate confirmation, in the event that Registrar fulfills, he will support the application. In any case, Registrar will enroll the appointee as the owner of the trademark. The Registrar will enter the subtleties of the task in the register.


The task of trademark includes a decent preparation from the piece of both assignor and assignee. The trademark registration task opens a great deal of chances for the gatherings permitting the assignee to get access over the brand with assent of the first proprietor after the ownership transfer. Further, trademark task keeps the brand alive.

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