Powers and Functions of Trademark Registrar – Trademark Registration in Cochin


Powers and functions of trademark registrar

Trademark implies a mark that is equipped for being addressed graphically and which can be recognized from the labor and products of one individual from those of someone else. An mark can be regular or unpredictable and can incorporate state of products, their bundling and blend of shadings and so on. In this blog, we will talk about the job, powers and elements of a Registrar of Trademark. Powers and Functions of Trademark Registrar – Trademark Registration in Cochin is what we are going to be discussed in this blog and required documents.


Who is a Registrar of Trademark?

According to the Section 3 of the Trademark Act, 1999, the Central government chooses an individual who is known as the Controller-General of Patents, Design and Trademarks and go about as the registrar of trademark for the reasons gave under the Trademark Act, 1999. He is named under section 3 of the 1999 demonstration.

The Central Government additionally selects different officials under the assignment, which they find fit to release their capacities under the course and oversight of the trademark registration center. Similar officials are considered to fill the roles that has been distributed to them by the registration center now and again.

Powers and Functions of Registrar of Trademark

The Registrar who is likewise called the regulator General of licenses, plan and trademarks have the accompanying abilities and fills beneath referenced roles:

With Respect to the Application

  • A trademark registration center has the obligation to enlist requests, petitions and applications;
  • The applications for change of allure, or resulting procedures, or the request or application is gotten by the selected registrar.
  • A registrar is under the position to get applications for new request or sees and the related administrations.
  • He has the power to move a request to the common court as coordinated by Tribunal.
  • The short date summons and notification are additionally needed to be gotten by the registration center.
  • Under section 4 of the Trademark Act, 1999, an trademark registration center recorded as a hard copy can pull out or move any forthcoming matter before him to another official, and it is his circumspection to choose if the subject is to be managed either all over again or, from the stage from which it was removed or moved.
  • He gets applications that worry the orders with respect to the affirmation, assessment and check of records.

Power of Adjournment

Every one of the subject matters are introduced before the concerned seat in the court. In any case, under particular conditions, whenever required and coordinated by the court, the Registrar can suspend any matter whenever and can introduce it before the Tribunal.

Powers Regarding the Proceedings

  • The registrar presents the innate powers of a common court.
  • He can call for proof, can control pledge for the reasons, implement the participation of witnesses, uphold and request the records.
  • Can lead the assessment of witnesses;
  • He has the execute orders that he sees as sensible, and exposed to arrangements referenced under section 157.
  • A registrar holds the powers to survey his own choice on an application that has been placed up for his sake.
  • Certain optional powers are additionally vested in the possession of a registrar in regards to the issues. In any case, section 128 advances a condition saying that, on the off chance that a chance of being heard has not been given to the trademark registration center, then, at that point, he can’t exercise such power unfavorably against an individual concerned.
  • The registration center might rely on the realities that vests with him in his normal or general information. He might take legal notification of the utilization and notoriety of any trademark registration, despite the fact that Intellectual Property Appellate Board has affirmed that the standing and use are needed to be demonstrated.

Power to Review their Own Decisions

The trademark registration center can’t rework his judgment under the light of survey.

The ability to audit a choice is separated from an allure, and survey and allure are two totally different things. An application proposing the audit of the choice is applied under Section 127 and Form no. 57 is to be filled for something similar.

The assertion comprising the grounds on which the choice is mentioned to be assessed should be appended alongside the application. The application should be recorded inside one month from the date on which the choice has been made. Rule 105 makes this time limit non-extendable.

We should carry it to your notification that main the choices that incorporate a request or a closed choice can be mentioned to be explored. A procedural request, or award or dismissal of a solicitation for expansion of time doesn’t qualify as a choice and thus, can’t be checked on.

Relevance of CPC 1908 to Review the Applications

The registrar designated under the section 3 of the Trademark Act, 1999[1] is exposed to administer according to the arrangement’s of 1999 demonstration and Trade Mark rules, 2002. The guidelines of CPC are not material accordingly, besides in the disappointment of quality of any express arrangements in the demonstration or rules. Without such arrangements, the registrar follows the arrangements given under section 145 of the CPC and request 47 rule 1, which restricts the audit to the accompanying classes of cases:

  • The cases in which a new or significant matter or an applicable proof has been found.
  • The cases in which there is an indiscretion or a blunder evident on the essence of the record
  • Or then again in the whatever other case, where there are adequate grounds to execute Civil Procedure Code.

Significance of Trademark registration

What is famously and commonly known as “Trademark” is what we allude to as a “Trademark registration” in the legitimate terms. A trademark alludes to any image, word, logo, shape, number, letter, expression, or mix of alphanumeric digits, which characterizes your administration or item. An extraordinary logo or trademark holds colossal potential for separating your contributions from those of others in the business. For getting lawful Trademark Protection, you should simply proceed with the trademark enrollment of your image name or logo. After getting the Trademark Application Number (TM Application Number), you can effectively begin utilizing the TM image to tell individuals that you have wanted to involve a specific name of company.

It is fundamental for try the way that prior to enlisting your brand name, it is first basic to assess the sort of brand name that best suits administration or item and furthermore direct a Trademark Search to run over any comparable brand name to forestall any disarray later on. You can reach out to an accomplished Trademark Attorney prior to documenting a brand name application to be aware of the basic subtleties.


Tremendous powers are vested in the possession of a trademark registration center of trademark, such powers are as for the application, to permit the utilization of CPC 1908 to survey, the ability to audit his own choices, power of adjourning the subject matter, power with respect to the procedures of the subject matter. A registration center assumes a fundamental part in the smooth working of the vault of the trade mark.

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