What is Trademark – Trademark Registration in Coimbatore?


Trademark Registration in Coimbatore

Trademark is a type of Intellectual Property. In trademark the unique symbol, word or a letter will be registered. The trademark registration lasts forever. Trademark registration in Coimbatore explains that when trade mark number is only obtained it will be represented as TM. When legally trademark is completely registered then it will be represented as R encircled within.  This is the symbol ®.Though trademark registration lasts forever; the trademark infringement should be avoided. Infringement is practice of unauthorized use of trademark by others and such malpractices can be sued. Injunction can also be produced.


Trademark Law Treaty (TLT)

The Trademark Law Treaty (TLT) was adopted on October 27, 1994 entered into force on August 1, 1996.Trademark registration in Coimbatore says that the TLT was enacted to simplify procedures in the trademark application and trademark registration process and to harmonize trademark procedures in different countries. Most of the people feel that TLT saves time and money for preparing and filing documents of the application. So the process is quicker and it intends the international trade. It is very important for particular individuals and small businesses looking for markets in other countries. It also avails the owners to keep track of their application. Trademark registration in Coimbatore helps in registering trademarks trough online portal. Only with the trademarks we can differentiate the companies. Though it lasts forever it must be renewed in 10 years.

Select Brand Name

Choosing the brand name is one of the interesting and important phases. The name of the founders is used (e.g.: Disney, Adidas), the name may be descriptive (e.g. Pizza hut, Air Asia), the name may be acronymic (KFC is short form of Kentucky fried chicken), the name may be suggestive- It may suggest the intention of the company what it is going to serve. The name may be associative (e.g. RedBull – It says bull like qualities such as power and confidence needed.). Trademark registration in Coimbatore also says that the names can be taken from other languages. (E.g. Hulu. It means a ball can store precious things. It is a Chinese word). The name may be abstract. (E.g. Rolex. There is no meaning but to hear it is powerful). Then you may select the names that that are both descriptive and functional. You have to select the name which is not identical and similar to the existing names in the market.

Trademark registration in Coimbatore suggests that anybody can check the database and see to the brand name exists or not. The Trade Marks Act provides for many conditions which, even though there does not exist an exact match brand name or trade name to yours in the database, will provide you with a trademark registration certificate. The trademark process begins with start of trademark search. Then trademark application should be prepared. Trademark registration in Coimbatore you should take care to determine what classes your goods and services fall into. You must prepare specimen of your application that shows what product you are actually selling. The description will describe the goods and the services you are protecting your application. Trademark registration in Coimbatore says that the publication process allows the opposition to occur. And the registration will happen.

Trademark registration in Coimbatore says that the trickiest part of the application is the description. It is the actual description of the goods and services that are sold under the brand. And also the description must be broad and also it should be narrow so that the office look onto it. So there must be fine balance. The most important reason for searching a legal advisor is the entrepreneur is busy in exploring things around the world. Trademark registration in Coimbatore says trademarks may be of different types. They are a name of the applicant or predecessor in business or the signature of the person, a coined word or an invented word or any arbitrary dictionary word or words, not being directly descriptive of the character or quality of the goods or service. Also alphanumeric or Letters or numerals or any combination thereof. Image, symbol, monograms, 3 dimensional shapes, letters etc. are registered as trademarks. Sound marks in audio format. Trademark registration in Coimbatore says that some countries do provide a degree of protection to unregistered trademarks, but in most countries protection is contingent upon successful registration. Many countries allow trademark registration without prior use, but the trademark registration may be cancelled if it is not used in the marketplace in relation to the product for a certain period of time. Trademark registration in Coimbatore says that every product in the market face competing product that are identical and meeting such challenges help to reduce risks of the company.

Also Trademark registration in Coimbatore says that another major step that must be taken by every business is to annually review its portfolio of trademarks to check whether timely action has been taken to register all trademarks in use or proposed to be used in the domestic or export markets. Next is to record licensing of a trademark if required under the trademark law. Trademark registration in Coimbatore suggests adequately controlling the quality of the product provided by a trademark licensee and renewing trademark registrations.


A appropriate trademark need to possess the following attributes:

(i) It have to be easy to pronounce and consider if the mark is a word,

(ii) In the case of a device mark, the device must be able to being defined by a single word,

(iii) It must be clean to spell efficiently and write legibly,

(iv) It have to no longer be descriptive but can be suggestive of the best of products,

(v) It must be short,

(vi) It must appeal to the eye as well as to the ear,

(vii) It ought to satisfy the necessities of trademark registration, it need to not belong to the elegance of marks prohibited for registration.

In general, a producer of goods is loose to adopt any mark to distinguish his goods. The mark chosen may be a device, word, call, numeral, and letters and so forth. Not all marks have the intrinsic great to distinguish the products of one manufacturer from the ones of others.

Thus in basic terms descriptive words like, well, best, perfect, excellent, names of locations of industrial or commercial importance potentially suitable for the manufacture of the goods, surnames, certain numerals and letters and so forth are fallacious for trademarks.

Every producer has a proper to apply words to describe the exceptional or man or woman of the goods and the names of places where the products are manufactured, or the name of the person that has manufactured the products. Similarly, letters are used as an abbreviation of names, and numerals used to signify quantity.

It needs to be cited that a trademark is something extra brought to the goods for the motive of indicating trade origin. A design that creates part of itself cannot, therefore, be a trademark.

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