Trademark protection in India – Trademark Registration in Cochin


Importance of trademark protection in India

A trademark is a ‘symbol’ used to distinguish good / service from similar goods / services of other merchants. It can be a brand name, product brand name, logo, slogan or a combination of these things. It can be colour, shape, sound or even smell.There is a trademark whether it is legally registered or not. There is no legal requirement to register a trademark, but there are benefits to registration.The more unique and distinctive the trademark (less detailed or general), the more likely it is to be registered. Trademark registration in Cochin states that if your proposed trademark is descriptive / general or confusing with a previously filed trademark, registration will be more difficult. Trademark protection in India – Trademark Registration in Cochin is what we are going to be discussed in this blog and required documents.


What types of trademarks can be registered?

The possibilities are almost limitless. Trademarks can be one or a combination of words, letters and numbers. Trademark registration in Coimbatore states that they may contain three-dimensional symbols such as drawings, symbols, shape and packaging of objects, and audible signals such as music or vocalizations, fragrances, or colours that use special features.

In addition to the trademarks that mark the commercial origin of a good or service, there are many other categories of marks. Collective marks are administered by the Association, which members use to identify themselves with quality and other requirements set by the Association. Trademark registration in Coimbatore gives the examples of such associations are those represented by accountants, engineers or architects. Certification marks are given according to the defined criteria but they are not limited to any membership. They will be granted to anyone who can verify that the products involved meet certain standard standards. The internationally accepted “ISO 9000” quality standards are an example of such widely recognized certification.

Importance of trademark in India

Trademark registration in Chennai gives the importance of Trademark registration.

  • With a trademark registration, a label, brand or business can gain tremendous uniqueness. Also, customers and target audiences will uniquely identify your products and services and distinguish them from those offered by your competitors in the market.
  • When there is a trademark for a brand or business, the value of its products and services – increases exceptionally and automatically. In addition, it makes it very easy to advertise, promote or market a brand with its associated registered trademark. Last but not least, the trademark has the enormous potential to increase the overall market value of a product.
  • Trademark registration in Tirupur states that in order to be competitive and advantageous over your potential competitors, it is essential to move forward with registering your trademark. As a key business aspect, trademark adds brand value and enhances brand awareness.
  • Protecting a brand’s entity or name by registering the trademark and demonstrating ownership of the trademark rights is comprehensive for an organization or organization. With trademark registration, the owner reserves the exclusive right to use, sell, distribute, license or modify that product in any way.
  • Trademark registration in Cochin states that when successfully registered, the trademark protection lasts for a lifetime, with a renewal term of once every ten years.
  • When it comes to communication, a trademark is actually the best tool because it gives unique and relevant information about the company’s products and services and portrays a positive reputation.
  • Registered Trademark helps online consumers to distinguish between a large number of products and services and to find the one that is most relevant to them. Many search engines like Google and social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram can quickly find trademarked products in just a few clicks. Consequently, the brand reputation for business is high even on the internet.
  • The owner of a registered trademark is entitled to initiate legal action, sue the infringer and claim monetary damages or compensation if his trademark rights are infringed.


Trademark registration in Hyderabad states that there have been a lot of cases where violation marks have been fraudulently registered by various organizations to get unnecessary benefits. This is mainly due to the ignorance and oversight of the registered IP / TM owner. There is a very strong case for registered owners to protect themselves from such attempts to register a contradictory mark, but to cancel the fraudulently registered marks by filing correctional applications.


Correction is a painful process and takes a lot of time and money. The process can be filed at the office of the Registrar, where the mark is registered or at the IPAB. This process usually requires a lot of evidence of Mark’s prior use, investments made in businesses and business promotion / brand building, global usage, etc. The process is independent and works with the TM Registrar but many times mark owners have to consult local courts (usually the state high court) for relief. Trademark registration in Madurai states that Courts do not usually intervene in the correctional process, but determine the right of mark based on the physical evidence produced in court. The process of correcting marks also needs to be strategic based on class, product, range of usage, etc. and the opposing party needs a lot of information for their use. All marks that violate this process also need to be considered rather than the mark against correction. Correction time is also a very important factor that needs to be considered.

Tacking on

Tacking is an important aspect of thinking according to trademark laws; this legal principle allows the owner to retain their original trademark even after making minor changes to the trademark. The scope of application of this theory is very narrow. Trademark registration in Salem states that this concept bridges the gap between the original trademark and the rational updates over time because under normal circumstances the owner relinquishes the rights attached to the trademark when the use of the trademark ends. There will be a sense of talk to avoid this problem related to kicking. The key point of the talk is whether to maintain the same trademark with the renewed trademark. In order to apply the talking theory, both the original and the modified trademark must convey the same impression on consumers commercially; Consumers should consider the two trademarks identical. Thus Trademark registration in Cochin states that customers will be able to differentiate your offerings from competing businesses.

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