What is Trademark and Its Process – Trademark Registration in Hyderabad


Trademark Registration in Hyderabad

Trademark is one of the intellectual property rights. Trademark is registered when a service is associated to you and it gets identified, then it is called trademark or service mark.Trademark Registration in Hyderabad says that the trademark does not allow anybody else unless you, to use the brand. So it is the unique feature used by all organisations and business people from smaller shops to bigger shops they use this trademark. And such trademark must be registered, to ensure that your business have goodwill and blocks your trademark from used by the others.Non- descriptive and invented words are the best trademarkable marks. Also registration is granted only if the trademark is unique and can be differentiated from other trademarks. Trademark Registration in Hyderabad says that if found any similarity, then it will not be registered. The other person who is using the same trademark can sue. So the main aspect of trademark is it should be distinctive. The granted trademark is valid upto 10 years. It is controlled by Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MCI) and Controller General of Patents Design and Trademarks. When a person is waiting for getting the registered trademark, a temporary mark TM is given and once he receives the registered trademark, a symbol, R enclosed in circle is given.


Process of registering the trademark

Trademark Registration in Hyderabad says that trademark comprises of the logo and brand. Everything should be registered. Firstly, trademark search is done. Trademark search is the vital step in doing the registration. There exists Trademark Register Website.When you get into it, you should, search for the names. The enquiry should cover international database to ensure that your trademark name is unique. Also the website should contain published, expired, registered and abandoned trademarks in its database. Secondly you should identify the classes and services.Trademark Registration in Hyderabad says that it is important to identify the classes,in which you are going to file your service. Classes of goods are given, for example the class 1 is given to chemicals that are used in industry, unprocessed artificial resins and plastics. Classes of services are also enlisted. For example, Class 15 is given for musical instruments, conductors. So it is important to know what all the different classes for goods and services are and must be classified.

Trademark Registration in Bangalore says that Trademark filing is an important step in registration process. It should be documented with the registrar. Trademark filing is followed by issuing the official receipt, filing date and number. The application should undergo Vienna codification. It gives reclassification work during exchange of documents. The Vienna codification, it is based on the nature of the element or the logo. It is applicable only for non- text trademarks. Then trademark examination should be done.In the trademark office, trademark examination should be made. The applicant is answerable and he should face examiner for the objections made. When you receive the letter of acceptance it will be published Trademarks journal.Trademark Registration in Hyderabad says that it will be published in the journal so as to expect any objections from the public. If the stamp is protested, both the parties can discuss over it. Finally comes the trademark registration. The trademark registration is given over these formalities and it is used to get the goodwill.

Documents required for the Trademark registration

Trademark Registration in Chennai implies that the applicant should produce the proof of identity like Aadhar card, passport for filing the application. The trademark also contains the logo and that logo must be in black, white or in colour as in the same shape as mentioned in the trademark application. Form – 48 must be given and also the user affidavit is given.

Merits of Trademark registration


Trademark Registration in Hyderabad says that trademark is an identity of a brand and so the prestige of the long runs of the business can be saved because of trademark registration. It is an asset to be preserved and should be refrained by use of others. Only when it is registered it can raise the human resources and capital from the public. There are different types of Trademarks as well. It comprises of word mark, color mark, device mark, sound mark, shapes of good and three dimensional marks. Colour mark which is a single or combination of colours can be registered as trademark. And such colours must be very attractive and different from other colours. It should not be similar.Trademark Registration in Hyderabad says that the shape mark is also considered, because it is the visual appearance of any goods. It must be stylish and attractive. Sound must also be registered and called as sound mark. For example, the airtel music which is composed by AR Rahman cannot be used by others. Product mark is also one of the types, which is used on business good other than using it for service.

Trademark Registration in Cochin says that trademark registration is typically registering the brand name.The brand comprises of character, identity, essence, culture. The public are first seeks for the brand name rather than other features. So brand is an important aspect in Trademark registration. The trademarks help the customers to identify the product or the company just by seeing it.The trademarks are now given for mobile phones which are foldable in the upcoming year. The infringement is refrained from being sued. Of course a surname can also be trademarked.Trademark Registration in Hyderabad says that trademark cannot be registered in advance and registering the trade mark is not as same as the registration of trade name. The trademark should not be generic and descriptive. The trade mark is valid for 10 years and after that it should be renewed. And also the registered trademark is cannot be used as domain name.Trademark Registration in Hyderabad gives you the full knowledge about trademark and its various features and helps you in identifying the classes and getting registered.

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