Make Your Trade Mark to be Fame And Powerful With Some Ideas

To be more successful and powerful, having unique ideas which differentiate and makes you great from your rivals. This will be helpful for long-term success and makes you a powerful competitor.

What is a trademark?


A trademark is generally referred as a brand name. It could be in any form. The way of expressing is what it makes a difference among others. Distinguishing our products or services from our competitors will give a unique place and a respectable position in the market rather than copying their style. It is a sign which should be capable of representing the goods or services; it could be in any form as name, color, sound, shape, picture, sound, smell or any combination.

Trademark role to make your Business Powerful:


It is mainly for identifying the source of goods. Individuality makes us stand unique wherever we go. This is the concept behind trademark. Creating a good-will, quality, distinguishing the goods or services from others who give offers similar to us. This will obviously give brand reputation to the owner. Trademark acts as valuable assets of the business.

Why register?


Many business people have a brand name or a sign but some reason they haven’t taken any effort on protecting their rights to use their exclusive sign and names. This may be the possible reason that they might think like registering a company itself provides exclusive rights on using the brand name, which also helps to protect others from doing so. This is actually not true.

Get a clear idea:


The fact is registering a company itself does not give you the rights to take action against the competitor who starts using our brand name. The ability of a business person takes an action to prevent someone else to using our name is purely dependent upon the reputation of the brand name, goodwill connects to that whether it is well known or not. Additionally, when you operate under a local community, your name is well known among them. In that situation, if someone establishes the business nationally by using your brand name. You could not file a complaint against him unless your mark got registered legally.

How can it be used?


The best possible way to protect our name, individuality, our services, is only when our mark gets registered. Legally we will get the rights throughout the country regardless of our reputation. This could be evidenced to the consumers by using “R” symbol which clearly indicates that the trademark got registered. Since it is our valuable asset, it can be sold or licensed. No others can use our name, if they try to use that, the registration will provide an easier, cheaper and a quicker way to prevent them doing deception.

What is the traditional and non-traditional mark?


Words, images, and slogans will be considered as the traditional mark and the smell, sound, colors will be taken as the non-traditional mark.

Registration of colors is quite complex that it has a low level of distinctiveness. Because the colors which we are decided to register might be the one what other traders normally use in their products and names. Colors probably indicate a particular trademark or trade name through usage to the consumers. Smell trademarks are not suitable in all the trading sectors. But, it well suits for the pharmaceutical and the faster running business sectors to gain the advantage over other competitors.

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