Permitted User of Trademark Registration in Coimbatore | An Overview


We all realize that trademark is a mark able to being represented graphically and which is able to distinguishing the goods and offerings of one individual from those of others and might also encompass the shape of goods, their packaging and aggregate of colors. The trademark regime is governed by using the Trade Marks Act 1999 which offers for the trademark registration in a check in maintained by means of the Trademark Registry. Let us recognize what is supposed through a registered or permitted person and why it’s so imperative to sign in it with the Trademark registry.



To start off, allow me let you know that a registered user is NOT the individual that owns the change mark.

Then who is a registered person? The solution lies in Section 48 of the Act. It defines a registered user as:

‘… someone aside from the registered proprietor of the alternate mark may be registered as a registered user thereof in respect of all or any of the goods or offerings in admire of which the trademark is registered.’

Simply put, any other man or woman, other than the owner of the trademark registration, who registers himself with the trademark registry shall be deemed to be a registered person and he/she will be capable of use that trademark together with the registered owner.


Section 49 of the Trade Marks Act has the solution to this. It states that where a person is desirous of being the registered user, he should along with the registered proprietor post a joint application to the Registrar. This application need to be observed through an agreement entered into between the proprietor and the proposed person for the permitted use of the alternate mark. On approval of the registrar, the proposed user could be deemed to be a registered person.


For this, it is critical to peruse section 52 of the Trade marks Act, 1999. Section 52 states that in the occasion of the infringement of a trademark, the registered consumer can record an infringement match as if he had been the proprietor of the trademark. He also can make the owner as the defendant to the healthy. This is because infringement also influences the rights of the registered consumer.

Therefore, it is important for a registered user to sign up themselves with the Trade Mark Registry so that they can defend their interests.

Trademark Rights are different rights furnished to an owner, after the trademark registration, for use inside the path of business or trade. These rights can also be handed directly to others by means of special means consisting of license, undertaking etc. The use of a trademark via any third party individual with the permission of the proprietor of trademark is described as Permitted use below the Indian Trademark Act and consequently the equal will now not be handled as infringement. As regards to the accredited user, the Act is silent, thereby creating confusion regarding the same and it is not sure whether the authorized user can also be someone who is allowed the usage of the mark below an oral agreement.

Permitted use below the Indian Trademarks Act, 1999


According to the statute, there may be two kinds of approved makes use of by way of third parties. Firstly, any use by using any 3rd  party who is a registered person under the Act and secondly, permitted use by way of a 3rd party without trademark registration as a registered consumer.

The statute defines authorized use under Section 2(1)(r), which mandates that if the authorized use is by a third party individual with out registration as a registered person, then the following situations ought to be met:

  • The trademark have to be remain in the register in the interim and;
  • need to be utilized by accredited person inside the route of his trade.
  • The accredited user has to take the consent of the registered proprietor in a written settlement.
  • The authorized person have to abide by the terms and situations of which the trademark registration is challenge to and those that have been laid out via the Registered proprietor.

Under the Act, the written settlement between the events is an important detail for proving that any use through a third party individual is a legitimate use beneath the Act as a approved use and is not an infringement of rights of the owner of the trademark.

Validity of authorized person under an oral arrangement:

It is pertinent here to say that the Act presents the circumstance beneath which an infringer can prove that his use is a authorized use and that it is governed underneath the Act as a permitted use. It must be saved in thoughts that the Act defines accepted use and not accredited consumer and consequently does now not put up any circumstance on the registered proprietor to enter into any settlement with the authorized user for the usage of his registered trademark. If the owner is of the view that any user of his trademark is a permitted user beneath an oral arrangement, in my opinion it must be taken as such.

For instance, A starts a enterprise together with his trademark ‘Z’. A is the registered owner of the trademark. After sometime, he enters into an oral agreement with B wherein he allows B to use the trademark Z. In some years, they begin their own corporation together beneath the trademark Z. If within the succeeding years, there may be any dispute among A and B, can A be divested off his proprietary proper to trademark ‘Z’ lose manipulate of his trademark honestly because he has no written settlement as in line with the definition of the authorized use below the Act?

Though the Act offers no explanation in this front, there are several precedents laid down by way of the Courts that country that the absence of a proper licensing settlement does no longer suggest that the use cannot accrue to the gain of the licencor.

A written license settlement with admire of using a mark is not required to preserve manage over a mark.

It is needed to be visible the importance of an settlement in case of a license and as held within the above case, it’s far safe to presume that in an effort to placed a few exams and control over the use of a trademark by means of a permitted consumer, the proprietor can have all of the phrases and situations in writing. However, even in instances where there is no written license many of the licencor and licensee and the trademark registration is used underneath an oral arrangement, it would not jeopardize the claim of the proprietor over his trademark.

In the above case, it was further held that “A licensing settlement may be inferred from the information of the case. A written license agreement in respect of the use of a mark isn’t required to preserve manage over a mark. Maintenance of manipulate over the trademark can be inferred from the situation and great of the products being manufactured or offerings being provided.

The absence of specific licensing and governing provisions to inspect and supervise a licensee’s operations isn’t always fabric and it’s far the actual inspection/manage/supervision that is important. Further, the truth remains that the licencor is the owner of the trademark and any use with the aid of the licensee, in any manner whatsoever can’t no longer do away with rights of the licencor within the trademark. A licensee cannot become the owner of trademark registration beneath any situations unless there is an specific transfer of rights under the Trademark Act, 1999.

Treatment of authorized use underneath section 48 (2):

Section 48(2) expressly offers that any approved use of a trademark shall be deemed to be utilized by the owner of trademark and would no longer be taken as being used by someone aside from the owner and consequently the authorized person underneath any circumstance, can not declare rights over a trademark even though he was accepted to apply it beneath an oral arrangement.

An oral license is an implied contract. Implied contracts are inferred from the data and occasions of the case or the behavior of the parties. The lack of a written license agreement might also weaken the claim concerning manage of the mark but a written settlement isn’t always required to maintain manage or possession over a trademark.

Now it’s also to be taken into consideration that a licensee is also a accepted consumer however the situations mentioned underneath section 2(1)(r) for the permitted use, are for the cases wherein the owner of the trademark registration alleges infringement and now not for the cases in which the proprietor is not disputing the reality that the use of the trademark is with his very own permission below an oral license. Hence the two cases of authorized use want to be seen accordingly.


The Act doesn’t define approved person anywhere and subsequently the definition of the accredited user may be deduced from the truth and occasions of every case and where use isn’t always in dispute then the defendant can’t take the plea that he’s permitted person. Although the accredited user if identified by means of the proprietor himself, cannot be challenged on the ground that there is no written agreement on this regard. A written settlement is a condition imposed upon a user of a mark which consistent with him is authorized for use by using the proprietor of the trademark registration. 

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