Importance of Intellectual Property Rights – Trademark Registration in Cochin


In today’s marketplace state of affairs there is a lot of existing competition in each field. In order to carve a gap on your business, you’re required to come up with particular and fresh thoughts and make them your forte. In order to hold your aggressive advantage, you’re required to ensure the importance of protection of intellectual property rights.


Importance of Protection of Intellectual Property

In order to ensure that your Intellectual property is protected towards all sort of infringement, you’re required to take initiatives for your end. Simply registration of the intellectual property is not the best answer as your competitors and other market gamers can work round it and provide you with slightly special versions of it.

In such cases, this can look like a complete waste of effort for your part. But, don’t be disheartened. There are a number of other ways you can be vigilant and shield any type of infringement of your intellectual property rights.

In this article, we will discuss exclusive and powerful ways for the importance of protection of intellectual property rights.

Ways of Protection of Intellectual Property

We have indexed out some of one of a kind ways you can protect your intellectual property rights. Have a study and began to maintain your aggressive gain in the market.

Register your Intellectual Property

The first and most essential step is to register your idea or invention. This creates a legal proper on your favour and discourages the alternative parties to use it with out your information and permission. In case every other party makes use of the same without your know-how it leads to infringement of your intellectual property rights. Intellectual property rights registration is done within the following three types:

Patent Registration: Any new invention along with product, any unique method etc. can be protected through Patent registration.

Trademark Registration: You can sign in the brand of your organisation as a Trademark. Such trademarks assist in brand building and your goods and products are diagnosed through such trademark. Trademark is largely a mixture of word, design, coloration or all of them.

Copyright Registration: This copyright registration facilitates in protection of original artistic working of authorship. Such intellectual property rights may be created against published or unpublished material. Copyright covers books, films, music, movie, computer software etc.

Awareness relating to Intellectual Property Rights


Mere registration of your intellectual property does not mean that you are absolutely secured from any sort of infringement It is advised that you have a deep information of the intellectual property rights created on your favour and legal guidelines regulating them. You must have a strong inner coverage to guard you IPR to make sure that no unwanted wonder comes your way.

  • Execute Non-Disclosure Agreements

It is wise to execute an in depth Non-disclosure agreement with the personnel and partners who are uncovered to the knowledge regarding your intellectual property rights. Parties ranging from personnel, commercial enterprise companions, contractors and so forth are to be blanketed with such non-disclosure agreements. All the provisions regarding their obligation to non-disclose along with punishments and satisfactory in case of any infringement ought to be included in the agreement.

  • Continuous Innovation

If you’re involved inside the era area then even registration of your intellectual property does not provide you with entire protection. Reason being innovation is an evolutionary process. Thus the most effective way to stay on the competitive advantageous function is to preserve a constant evolution cycle. This always keeps you one step in advance of your competitors.

  • It’s satisfactory to avoid Joint Ownership

People frequently say that the survival rate as a pack is higher. However, when it’s miles about intellectual property rights it’s far excellent to keep away from joint possession. As no two human beings assume alike it’s miles sure to create issues and conflicts inside the future. Thus it’s miles better to avoid the sort of situation in the first vicinity and keep away from joint possession for the safety of intellectual property rights.

  • Reserve matching Domains

When you’re making plans for constructing a brand it’s far pleasant to steady your intellectual property rights/ trademark in all of the methods possible. One such way is to order a website matching with your trademark registration, this helps the customer relate it to your enterprise and identify your products easily. This may feel like an introduced expense however it ensures complete brand protection.

  • Don’t limit all of the work with One Team

If you are running on a brand new product then it’s far recommended not to assign the entire improvement work to one team. This will increase the list of IPR infringement. Thus, to be on the safe facet you ought to divide and permit the work to more than two groups in order that no person has the knowledge of the entire process of development. As we realize prevention is better than cure. To avoid undesirable litigation fees statistics protection on the first step is preferred.

  • Formulate get admission to manage policies

As the Intellectual property is intangible you must take unique precautions for its storage and access limitation. You need to installation an get entry to manipulate policy in order that every try to access it may be tracked. Even if due to your business installation you are planning to assign any rights when it comes to such intellectual property than the system of such venture shall also be in reality described and freed from ambiguity.

  • Advertise it as your Intellectual Property


There is no higher manner to guard your intellectual property is to advertise it and letting each person realize that it became developed by using you. That manner it’s far automatically related and attributed in your organization. This way no other third party individual can lay a claim in your registered intellectual property rights.

  • Apply for Foreign registration

Any intellectual property registration achieved will only defend your IPR in your precise country. If you’re making plans to task into the international marketplace then it’s miles recommended that you research the intellectual belongings laws in those countries and apply for it. For example, if you plan for International Trademark Registration than you’re required to use through WIPO specifying the call of the international locations you want to steady your trademark. The charges of registration will rely upon the range of the jurisdiction you wish to use for. Different international locations have different kinds of legal guidelines regarding highbrow assets registration. Thus, to make certain the protection of-of your intellectual assets you have to research in advance. For example, inside the case of patent registration, a few international locations state which you have to apply for patent registration before publicly advertising it. However, in different nations, you are required to sign up it within a span of one year from publicly disclosing it.

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