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A trademark application, once submitted, can be subjected to specific adjustments to accurate some records that had been provided by means of the applicant at the time of submission. The correction or an change to the application can be vital for various reasons like incorrect entry or inaccurate submitting of the trademark application. The Trademarks Act 1999 and Rules 2002 authorize rectification of any error in the application made for a trademark. A wrongly registered mark or a mark wrongly remaining on the sign up will also be rectified beneath the Trademarks Act.


An individual distressed through this sort of fallacy within the access may additionally report a petition for change of the trademark in the sign up or deletion of the registered mark. The applicant might also request adjustments to make the trademark compliant with the rules of the Act and to preserve up with any adjustments as might also have been brought approximately by the Act or in the details of the applicant.

The trademark regulation in India offers for an possibility to the applicant of an indicator to correct the filed application to the volume it includes minor modifications best and does not substantially affect the identification of the trademark or extent the goods or offerings protected with the aid of the application. In case the modification is such which materially alters the filed mark application does no longer meet above standards the applicant must flow a clean application.

The correction or amendment as allowed beneath Section 22 may be made at any time after an utility is filed and before the trademark registration. If the amendments are made after commercial of the mark, then it shall cause re-advertisement which will eventually put off the registration of trademark. The remedy of the not unusual amendments with the aid of the registrar is as under:

Amendment/correction within the name or copy with of the applicant

The registrar generally accepts clerical errors and lets in amendments in the trademark utility. However, it does now not permit to replace the name of applicant with a few different person. In different words, correction of trademark of applicant is authorized while with appreciate to deal with each correction in addition to modification is permitted.

Amendment of trademark

Where a mark is to be amended without the necessity of an afresh application, the applicant is typically required to report sparkling representations of the mark as amended for substitutions in his utility. In great instances where the mark is inside the colors and the applicant is not able to provide or might be placed to undue rate in supplying representations of the proposed amended mark within the unique hues, the applicant is permitted by means of the registrar to affect the amendments of the mark in most convenient manner without altering the identity in the mark.

Amendment of consumer date

An application for trademark registration in Hyderabad should nation the date or duration from which the mark applied for trademark registration has been continuously used in recognize of the stated specification of goods. Cases do stand up every now and then earlier than the registrar for correcting the mistake in consumer statement. In all such instances the onus is on the applicant to satisfy the registrar by way of evidence to make such changes. The correct date of person will become vast as it influences the rights of parties by means of reason of priority in adoption of the mark. The practice of the registry is to allow such amendments wherever found justified through way of proof.

Amendment regarding change of elegance

The elegance number in the trademark registration application is applicable for the reality that it helps in interpretation of the scope of the application, the class is mainly a count number of administrative convenience, which is likewise referred as Pigeon holes into which an application can be put. Based at the statistics and circumstances of each case the registrar normally permits this kind of modification.

Stage at which modification is carried out and its treatment

The change in trademark utility may be filed earlier than its registration or rejection. Any change filed before examination document is issued is taken into consideration to be better one. However, if the modification application is filed after exam file has been issued then the utility want a fresh exam by using the examiner. Similarly, if the change utility is filed after the trademark has been advertised then a re-commercial is required. In case, modification is moved after a third party adverse the trademark registration in Bangalore then that opposite party want to be notified approximately the modification.


An applicant who has filed for a trademark registration, can, earlier than the registration, request a modification or correction through form-16 in conjunction with the documents flavoring declare and the specified fee. The amendment provision of a utility is provided below section 22 of the Trademarks Act 1999. Such an amendment may be made before or even after the acceptance of the application for registration. If the advertisement for the mark has already been issued, then any other advert is issued after the changes made which might in the end put off the filing of the target.


Clerical mistakes in an application can be amended thru Trademark Form-16. Request for sizeable alteration in the application by using manner of correction or modification is not permitted. Furthermore, any rectification which results in a full-size alternate of the information of the proprietor, features of products and services (aside from erasure of man or woman items), the disclosure as to the use of the mark shall now not be allowed.

The applicant is needed to rewrite the components that they need to amend in the utility. The entire phase that requires a trade ought to be unambiguous and obvious as to the modifications that the applicant seeks to make.


Amendment inside the proprietorship of the trademark may be asked whilst the trademark has been validly assigned or transmitted to someone else. A valid undertaking refers to whilst the assignor transfers rights or benefits to some other person. These changes may be allowed relying on every case. Other permissible amendments underneath the Act include modifications in the name, copy with of the proprietor, withdrawal of an access of a trademark registration in Coimbatore, changes in the user statistics as well as the specification of products or services.

A alternate inside the class of a trademark may be allowed situation to the statistics and circumstances of each case; it is based at the discretion of the registrar. Only honest and reasonable programs are taken into consideration by the registrar. For example, if an utility for a exchange is filed after a protracted time, the registrar may additionally reject it solely on the idea of put off in filing of the application.

A request for a change earlier than the issuance of an exam report is taken into consideration to be preferential as a fresh examination of the trademark need now not be carried out. However, if the modification is made after the examination document has already been issued, then a brand new survey desires to be done through the examiner.


Requests for correction of errors in case of statistics access are accompanied via after the trademark officer has carried out verification of relevant documents. A exchange is made inside the trademark gadget together with any additional feedback to this impact by way of the officer involved. Confirmation of the related documents is executed by way of the trademark office, and the desired adjustments may be made along side suitable remarks. If Amendment is moved after receiving an objection from a third party individual, then the person worried wishes to be notified about one of these alternate.


If an incorrect certificate of trademark registration in Chennai has been issued and the applicant requests for rectification, an examination of the contents of the request would be considered by using the trademark officer based on the relevant files that the applicant possesses. Upon the acceptance of such an offer, a brand new registration certificate is issued, and the erroneous registration certificate is rescinded.


The applicant of a trademark by way of virtue of trademark law in India is given the possibility to correct his application best for small changes and not for adjustments that significantly affect the uniqueness of the trademark or the goods or offerings covered by way of the form. In case an utility is such that it materially alters the application, it’s miles suggested that the applicant make a new application as opposed to amending the preceding one. The amendment may be made before or after attractiveness of the application for trademark registration in Cochin. 

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