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Copyright Registration in Cochin

Copyright is one of the intellectual properties.Usually a Copyright symbol is written in C encircled and it is placed under the song, video, product or the website. Any distribution, reproduction without the permission, is considered the violation of the copyright. The length of copyright protection can vary according to the country, as long as you are alive in 50 years.Copyright Registration in Cochin says the following things cannot be copyrighted. They are ideas, names, variation of lettering and colouring, familiar designs, basic recipes, common information, design functionality, government documents.The copyright protects creative piece of the work whereas the trademark protests the business names, logo its shapes. The trademark is registered upon paying the fee, copyright is free. Copyright lasts for 50 years + and the trademark lasts for 10 years alone. For both the copyright and trademark the work must be original.


Copyright Law

Copyright Registration in Cochin says about Copyright law.Copyright law entered in the year 1847. The term copyright was given for the lifetime. This law is governed by Copyright Act 1957.It extends to the whole of the India. It came into force vide notification no.269. This has been extended to cover radio diffusion and cinematograph film. Further amendments made in the year, 1983, 1984, 1992, 1994 and 1999. It introduced civil and criminal remedies against the infringement. The law rewards creative efforts and protects the interest of the creator. The law confers the economic and moral rights. The general law counts from the death of the author for the literary works, drama, music and art work. Also the general law counts from date of publication of cinema sound recording, photos.Copyright Registration in Cochin tells that the law eliminates the infringement.The illegal use of the copyrighted works is called the infringement. The remedies for the infringement can be given in three ways civil, criminal and administrative. The civil remedies include damages, injunction, accounts, delivering of infringing copy and damages for conversion. The criminal remedy is imprisonment for 6 months to three years, seizure of infringing copies and penalty is collected from Rupees 50k to 2 lakhs.


Copyright Registration in Cochin says that copyright follows the procedure of filing the application, examination, registration. The documents containing the name, address and nationality of the applicant and the author of the work should be given. ID proof of the owner and incorporation certificate should be produced if it is for the business purpose.Documents should be given for the nature of the work like class and description of the work. Title and language of the work should be given.Copyright Registration in Cochin says that a website design can be copyrighted because it is the original piece of work. The website should have minimal amount of creativity, fixed and tangible medium that allows site to be perceived and the work must be original.The website design can be copyrighted but not the way you designed the website.

Website Copyright

Copyright Registration in Cochin says how website can be copyrighted. First get into the registration portal. When you scroll down you will see different categories you want to register in. Then you have to fill out the copyright application. This application includes title of the work, the year it was completed, date of first publication, name of the applicant, address of the applicant, and name of the author. And also the description of the work must be submitted.Then you have to upload the copies of your work. Upon paying the filing fees, you will get the website registered. The website built on a template will resemble million other website across the world. The source code is the same. But the images and colors vary. The custom website has straight forward legalities. Web developers write the custom code and he owns the full rights. If somebody copies the code you can sue the other person.Little legality is you can gather inspiration from number of websites and incorporate them into your website design. And you can recreate certain elements using the custom code.

Facts about the copyright


Copyright Registration in Cochin says some of the interesting facts about the copyright.

  1. The copyright is produced as soon as the work is created.
  2.  The works which were produced before 1989 must carry copyright notice. The owner of the work decides if they need free ads or not.
  3. The copyright comes under the civil law. So sometimes you have to testify against your own interest.
  4. Fair use allows limited use of copyrighted materials. The materials needed should be minimal.

Copyright Registration in Cochin how to copyright a video.After recording the video, you have to go to the electronic copyright office. You have sign up the online application and choose the username and the password. Fill out electronic form for registering the video. Then you have to upload the video file, attach it to the completed form. The copyright registration gives the legal protection to the published work. When your work is protected it means that you get incentive which will help in making the creative atmosphere. The monetary loss is prevented and you will have the honour for it.Copyright Registration in Cochin says what are all the issues related to copyright. Plagiarism, this is the worst practice of anybody when they copy the original content. Under section 1498 title 28, the offender is produced. Injunction or the penalty may be got from the offender.Website copyright, the content, html, content form the basis of website. It contains ‘deep links’ are allowed they get their short cut to the home page, so it must be eradicated.The photo is given copyright to 25 years and movies are given for 50 years. The contract terms must educate properly to the people. You should know about creative common laws, which allows you to use the copyrighted work within the boundaries. Freeware is given free of charge. And if you are creating freeware or shareware you can download the agreement related to it.Copyright Registration in Cochin gives you knowledge about copyright and assists you in getting registered.

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