Protection of trademarks through international registration under the madrid protocol

Special provisions relating to protection of trademarks through international registration under the Madrid protocol Application in relation to contracting state or a contracting organisation means an application made by a person who is a citizen of, or is domiciled in, or has a real and effective industrial or commercial establishment in, that contracting state or a state which is a member of that contracting organisation, as the case may be. Explanation: For the purposes of this clause, “real and effective…

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Powers and functions of the registrar- Trademark registration in coimbatore

Here, we are going to discuss who is registrar and what are the powers and functions of registrar in  a  simplified way. Keep your eye on this article to know the basic information. Registrar: The controller-General of patents, design and trademarks is the registrar of trademarks for the purposes of the 1999 act as well as controller of patent for the purposes of the patents act, 1970. He is appointed under section 3 of the 1999 act. Other officers, who…

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