Short Notes of Trademark Registration Consultants in Cochin


Trademark Registration Consultants in Cochin

Trademark is a type of intellectual property. It comprises of sign, design and the symbol. In an easier way the trademark conveys the brand to the consumer. In short a logo is protected as a trademark. The trademark has been given the meaning in Section 2(1) and section (2B) of the Act. And also it is interpreted by The Supreme court. The customer can identify the company just by seeing the pictorial representation .And thus trademark must be unique. And also the trademark is also called service mark. The trademark registration consultants in Cochin say when the application is given for the registration then it will be compared with protocol. If there are no objections then the application is accepted. If there are any objections they can be raised based on Section(9). Section (9) gives objections based upon descriptive name, generic name, geographical name and political leader’s names. And also section (11) gives some objections based on identity and similarity. Upon these objections the examination report is sent from the Government for clarification. Hearing is called for and evidence and arguments are produced. If they are satisfactory then in six months’ time the trademark is registered. And it is published in journal for any opposition within sixty days. And a counter statement from your side is expected. When all these are clarified then trademark registration is Hyderabad is done successfully. These are the two main processes in trademark registration. And why this much of effort is taken for trademark registration in Coimbatore; objections raised, it is published in journal, oppositions raised, hearing and arguments Ugh! Why these many formalities? Trademark registration consultants in Chennai a business say hotel business and also other hotel is also using the same name by another person then complaint can be filed and legal action is taken. And if the same person ‘XYZ’ is using the same name for his manufacturing company then no problem arises.

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Trademark consultants in Cochin explain about the classes. The classes are about 45. From 1 to 35 classes come under Goods and from class 35 to 45 come under Services. If textile business is being carried out it must be registered under class 25. If mineral water business is carried out then it must be registered under class 32. Even if you register under class 5 then it is for pharmaceuticals but medical equipment can be registered under class 10. So such understanding is important for a person doing business. If ready-made garments business is carried out it can be registered under class 25. But the textile materials come under class 24.  If you are cosmetic manufacturer then file under class 3. Real estate business is registered under class 36 which is the service provider. Hotel business under class 43, educational related activities are provided means it must be registered under class 41. So exclusively you may get the trademark registration when you follow the guidelines from the above said Trademark registration consultants in Bangalore.

The importance of trademark registration is given by Trademark registration consultants in Cochin. It says that a trademark has brand, logo, value is increased. It has identity in the business field. When these are achieved then quality will be main expectation from the consumer side. Then this trademark becomes a property. You would also remember here that Trademark registration is one of the intellectual property rights. And only you have all the rights. It ensures trust among the public. If not registered by the Government then it actually implies that it is unworthy to be recognized or registered. Thus it loses its credibility. Actually four details like the company registration certificate, the logo which will become your trademark. Then place of business and the details of how long you run the business. Trademark registration consultants in Coimbatore. Also ensures whether the Invoice, evidence and bank statement are gathered. These details can be gathered to obtain trademark registration. As soon as you applied you will receive trademark number. If trademark is allotted without any objections then registered symbol is obtained. So there is difference between trademark and registered trademark. The TM sign is obtained in 18 months’ time and it is to be understood that the registration is under process.      Then after 18 or 24 months’ time the registered symbol R is granted. This registration lasts for next 10 years. Trademark registration consultants in Cochin also say that a word or a combination of words, letters and numerals can perfectly constitute trademark. But trademark also consist of drawings, symbols, three- dimensional features such as shape of packaging goods, color shades used as distinguishing features- the possibilities are almost come under registration.

Trademark registration consultants in Madurai explain how trademark registration is checked. For this go to TESS and choose search option. When you are searching for a name you can use trademark name search. If you are searching logo, designs then you have to look up to your design code. This is done Trademark registration consultants in trichy. Also the phrase used for your company can also be trademarked. If you have to trademark phrase you can apply at the local level at state trademark office. This is also done using Trademark registration consultants in Salem.

When businesses are responsible for any products and services bearing their trademark they tend to take more pride in the products. To maintain their reputation the trademark registered companies will work hard to provide good quality services. Also to provide good quality of goods the companies make effort. Trademark registration consultants in tirupur ensures provide protection for both companies and consumers. And many of the banks will grant the loans for further development of business it is important to be registered. Even if you approach the bank normally the definitely make a check and only after that loan is granted. A trademark is subjected to be removed when it is not used for long time. And also if it is not used for continuous period of five years. Thus these are the necessary points explained by Trademark registration consultants in Cochin.

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