Procedure to Renew Trademark Registration in Cochin


Procedure to renew trademark registration in India

India is developing leaps and bounds as a destination for commerce. With it, the demand for trademark registration in India is growing day by day. Trademarks also need to be renew each 10 years, so we’re going to see an even larger jump within the total trademarks in existence in India over the years.


Preferably, the trademark renewal ought to be filed before the expiry of the mark. At least six months before, to be exact. The trademark renewal application shape need to be organized and filed earlier than the closing date to enjoy the continuous safety of the trademark without any chances of a litigation.

In doing so, the trademark renewal extends the term of the trademark by means of some other decade. This is executed through submitting TM-12 with the prescribed rate of Rs. 4000. In case a person fails to resume the trademark, the mark will become liable to be removed (though a trademark recovery is likewise possible).

This may look like not anything at all, but lots of groups regularly forget to resume their trademarks. Recently, Sony forgot to renew the trademark to considered one of its games, Bloodborne, risking abandonment of the mark entirely.

Given the significance of the trademark to a brand, renewal is crucial.

Renewal procedure

Trademark Renewal requests for registered trademark can be filed within six months before the expiry of registration or renewal. Before expiry of the closing trademark registration, the Registrar will ship a note as a reminder to the registered trademark proprietor regarding the expiration and conditions as to the fee of the fees. If the registration isn’t always received as according to the prescribed situations then the Registrar can dispose of the trademark from the trademark register.

If one misses the deadline for the trademark renewal request, it may be filed within six months after the expiry of trademark registration or the renewal as the case can be inside the prescribed manner at the side of a late filing fee.

The trademark renewal can accomplished be in two ways:

1. You can apply renewal to alternate any signal or words within the already existing exchange mark; or

2. You can observe renewal with out a trade.

Renewal Process and Forms

1. The application of trademark renewal is made in Form TM-12

2. The application may be made by way of both registered owner of the trademark or an agent authorised by him.

3. It is very crucial that you take the help of a expert to document for renewal of a trademark utility to ensure that the mark is properly protected. This is due to the fact you may need to increase the scope of protection. After all, if your logo has survived 10 years, it’s in all likelihood that it might have outgrown the training you had first registered it under.

4. Filing a trademark renewal application extends safety through another 10 years. The trademark registrations are legitimate for any other 10 years, and ought to be renewed again before expiry.

Check the reputation

After the filing of a trademark renewal, it is critical to periodically check the repute of the renewal utility until it’s miles processed by using the Registrar. The trademark renewal occasionally requires several time-bound actions or response from the applicant. Therefore, it’s miles vital to continually take a look at the popularity of the application and take the specified action until the trademark registration.

Trademark Journal

The Trademark Journal is an reputable gazette of the Trademarks Registry. If the Trademark Examiner governs that the renewal application is acceptable, then the trademark is advertised in the Trademark Journal. While application is advertised, third-events have an opportunity to oppose registration of the mark. This process isn’t always needed whilst renewing an existing trademark.

The renewal is essential if the brand remains relevant. If not, it is able to fall to misuse. Let us take a look at the trademark renewal system.

How to Renew a Trademark


To begin with, recollect that you want to start the technique for renewal 3 to 6 months before the expiry of the trademark. The Registrar, after all, will best inform you about the expiry of the trademark very near the last date, and it does take a few months to finish the procedure.

A form available, Form-18, is needed for the renewal process. The application need to be followed through the requisite fee that needs to be paid to renew the trademark. The application for trademark renewal is then reviewed for fine before it is finally renewed. Once the reviews are executed, the owner of the trademark is susceptible to get hold of a certificate of renewal, for this reason marking his endured ownership.

What If the trademark expires?

Well, if you don’t follow for the renewal of the trademark within six months after the expiry, there’s nevertheless hope, as you may follow for a recovery.

Under Section 25(4) of the Trademark Act, 1999, you can observe for healing through filing an application and paying the prescribed rate. However, this can most effective be achieved inside 12 months of the expiration of the trademark.

Will this be successful? Maybe.

The registrar will study the case, maintaining in mind the hobby of the affected events. If this kind of request for restoration is filed, the registrar will then put it up for sale it in the reputable journal. If there aren’t any events contesting the restoration, then the original owner of the trademark wins lower back the trademark. If, however, there are objections, the proprietor of the trademark will should item to the identical and fight the case for his trademark.

Safest option? It’s a simple technique of renewal. The crux of the matter is the timing. If you document for the renewal nicely within time, there is no manner you would lose your trademark.

What is the benefit of a trademark renewal?

The trademark registration is a form of an intellectual property protection, below this a word or a visual symbol being used by any business to assist distinguish its items or services from that of the other comparable items or services which may be originating from a specific enterprise gets protected. This advantage will keep if the trademark is renewed.

What are the files needed for trademark renewal?

For submitting the utility of renewal of trademark, the following documents are required: A copy of the Registration Certificate, Power of Attorney, an ID & Address Proof of the Applicant and a copy of TM-1.

Can the renewal of trademark be filed after the expiry of trademark registration?

Yes, it is viable to do the trademark renewal every time within 6 months of expiration of the expiry of the previous Trademark Registration by filing TM-12 with the prescribed overdue renewal fee.

A postpone of more than 6 months may be unstable and shall attract extra prices and documentation. If the renewal manner does now not get completed within three hundred and sixty five days of the expiration of the trademark, the trademark receives abandoned i.e. eliminated from the trademark register.

What is difference among a trademark registration and a Trademark renewal?

The trademark registration is quite special in documentation, procedure, the time required and prices from the renewal method. The trademark renewal is carried out within 6 months of completing the ten year time period. It is easy and easy to handle.

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