All About Trademark Classes in India – Trademark Registration in Cochin

All about trademark classes in India At the point when an imprint is related to distinguish you and the administrations you give, it is known as a help mark. In fact, a trademark is an imprint related to recognize the administrations and merchandise you offer overall. The sole reason for having a trademark for your organization is to tell different […]

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Trademark Opposition Proceedings – Trademark Registration in Coimbatore

Trademark Opposition proceedings in India  Trademark Opposition proceeding in India, although very extensive, is very thrilling and fun. Before diving into the process of competition intending, a brief run through of the overall procedure of trademark submitting until registration could be helpful. Once a trademark utility is filed, the Registry examines the application to decide the uniqueness of the mark. […]

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All about Trademark Agent for Trademark Registration in India

Register of trademark agents The Registrar of Trademarks shall maintain a Register of trademark agents wherein shall be entered the name, address of the place of residence, address of the principal place of business, the nationality, qualifications and date of registration of every registered trademark agent. Registration of existing registered trademark agent, code of conduct, etc. 1) Notwithstanding anything contained […]

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