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Trademark Search – Trademark registration in Cochin

Trademark Search 

Trademark is a unique identification of your brand name when you doing business in the startup level. It may be a word mark, slogan, logo, or a device mark (combination of word mark and a logo), symbol, sound or smell mark and color. The first and foremost thing in the trademark registration is Trademark search. Why because, a trademark must be a unique one and it doesn’t match the existing trademark both visually and phonetically from others. The Trademark Registry never accepted the similar trademark. It will refuse that kind of similar trademarks. So, the time and expensive you spend for that trademark application is totally waste. So, the trademark search is most common important thing for every business owner. I suggest you to file a trademark application in the starting stage of your business, why because your decided brand name may not be available in Trademarks registry. Then you selling goods are stopped for that small issue. Your valuable time and hard yarn money which you invest is totally waste.  Trademark search is a simple thing which is done by you. I suggest you to go for a trademark attorney like Solubilis. Why because the attorney people will guide you in a right suggestions to choose you a unique brand name and explains you all the terms related to trademarks.


Online Trademark database

The registered trademark and newly filed trademark application is maintained by the Controller general of Trademarks and patents and designs.  The online database which related to registered trademark and trademark application maintained by the Controller general of patents, designs and trademarks. The online trademark database contain all the details which related to trademark like registered trademark, newly filed trademark application, objected trademark, refused trademark, abandoned trademark and expired trademark also. The registered trademark means the trademark application which is registered after crossing all the crises like objection, opposition and advertisement. The newly filed trademark in the sense the fresh trademark which is going to noticed by the trademark registry. The Objection is given by the Trademark registry in the earlier stage of trademark application. The proprietor will appear before the registrar, and explained the evidence of that trade name. If the Registrar stratified with his explanation, he moved to the next level of process. Unless he is not satisfied with his explanation regarding to that trademark application, the application get refused by the registrar. The opposition of trademark can be given by the third party who is finding whether that trademark is knowingly or phonetically similar to their trademark.  The renewal details of the every registered trademark are also mentioned in this portal. The expired trademark, which is not renewed one also mentioned here. . All the entries without fail can be updated in the online trademark portal for public usage.


How to do a trademark search

The online trademark database is available on all the web browsers. First thing you should fix your brand name.  Select the type of search you have to do. You have three options like word mark, Vienna code and phonetic. Select from these three options according to your requirement. The fixed brand name is entered in the word mark column. And you should specify the class where your goods and services come under. Generally, there are 45 classes. The class 1 to 34 mentions the product and goods you manufactured. The class 35 to 45 mentions the services (service mark) you provide. If you have any clarification about your product specified class, no need to confuse. It is mentioned in the same page in the top. Hit the class details, you will get the clear details about all services and its applied classes. Enter the class number and enter your nature of goods you manufactured in Goods description column. After completing all we can hit the search button. The results will show up in the new window. Same method is followed for other searches i.e., Vienna code search and phonetic similarity check search. This window contains more options in it. These are class details, well-known mark, Prohibited marks, Vienna code classification, and International Non-Proprietary Names(INN)  and finally the Help option. Well-known mark is nothing but a trademark which has different rights from the normal trademark. The well-known mark is mentioned in Trademark Act, 1999. It has very specific characteristics and it is more expensive while compared to other type of registration processes. Prohibited marks in the sense any mark or logo which is similar to the pubic organization (government) emblems or names. It is strictly omitted for trademark registration process.


How to understand the results of Trademark search

Trademark search results contain all type of similar words which belongs to the mentioned class. For example we have the search requirement of Ford in class 12. Class 12 of trademark mentions the vehicle. It mentions not only the vehicles; it contains land vehicles and its components like motors and engines, couplings and transmission components, Air cushion. The Ford is very well known company and it is available in the market as earlier years. If you search Ford, the first you have the name of ford company like FORD Motor company – CANADA LTD.,. It has many trademarks in the same company name (many products of this company having the same and series of names). This result page contains all the similar name according to your brand name. It clearly mentions the registered trademark details like the word mark, application number, class number where its products lies, Application date i.e., when the trademark application is filed, Proprietor who is the owner or holder of that trademark both individual or company name, the journal number – where it was published for public notice, Journal date – when it was published for public notification; Current status of that trademark whether it is registered or removed or refused or abandoned. Since used date – this Ford Company used from 01.01.1911 and the registration valid date, and finally the goods and services description – under which class it was registered. The above explanation provides for all the trademark comes for the particular search. Form this we can easily found the selected word mark is valid or not. You can decode the word mark according to the search result.



In this competitive world, we can create our brand identity and unique identification of your manufactured goods. Trademark only gives you an exclusive right on your brand name from the third party usage.  Trademark only creates the public awareness of your product. The trademark registration process is huge longer as compared to other services. It mainly depends on your word mark which you choose for trademark registration process. So chose your word mark as unique and specific one. We “Solubilis” are the registered Trademark agent and Patent Attorney, providing all kind of intellectual property rights for you. Also we are the leading corporate service provider in Coimbatore, and located our branch offices at Chennai, Bangalore, Cochin, Salem, Madurai, Tirupur, Karur and providing services at all other major cities in India. For more details about Trademark registration in Cochin, kindly visit our site and feel free to contact us.  We conducting free trademark search for your brand name and guiding you to choose a unique and specific word mark. By this process we make your process much easier. Thanks for reading!!!


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