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Trademark infringement

Trademark Infringement and passing off – Trademark Registration in Cochin

Trademark Infringement and passing off Trademark is one of the intellectual property rights, which brings you the exclusive right on […]

Joint Venture Agreement – Trademark Registration in Cochin

Joint Venture Agreement  Trademark is nothing but the unique identification of your brand name. Brand name provides you a unique […]

Conditions for Trademarks Registration in Cochin

Registrar of Trademarks The central Government may appoint a person for the designation of Controller General of Patents, Designs, and […]

Marks with International Reputation – Trademark Registration in Cochin

Marks with international reputation – special consideration In the case of marks which have a acquired international reputation, an action […]

Function of a Trademark – Trademark Registration in Cochin

Introduction to Trademark Trademark is defined as a mark capable of being represented graphically and which is capable of distinguishing […]

Essential Requirements for Trademark Registration in Cochin

Introduction The Trade and Merchandise Marks Act, 1958 has a scheme of essential requirements for the registrability of a trademark. […]


Certification of trademark – Trademark Registration in Cochin

To become a legal owner of your brand  name, you will go for the Trademark Registration. Trademark Registration is a […]


Trademark Search – Trademark registration in Cochin

Trademark Search  Trademark is a unique identification of your brand name when you doing business in the startup level. It […]


Copyright Infringement – Trademark Registration in Cochin

Copyright Infringement In the instant ease, the Plaintiff has already filed an application /complaint 19) under Section 31(1)(b) of the […]

Get-up and Trade dress – Trademark Registration in Tirupur

What is get-up and trade dress The get-up of goods comprises the size and shape of the package or container, […]