copyright registration

Remedies with respect to infringement under the copyright law

Remedies with respect to infringement under the copyright law: It would be useful to have an insight into copyright law for a proper understanding. There are three types of remedies against infringement of artistic copyright which may be available in respect to a trademark label etc. qualifying as an artistic copyright. These are civil remedies, criminal remedies and administrative remedies, but only civil remedies are being mentioned. Civil remedies: Civil remedies for enforcement of copyright, if any in the trademark…

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Do You Want to Know About Copyrights Protection And Its Related Rights?

Copyrights and related rights: Copyrights protection is given for original literary and artistic works, including literature, music, dramatic work, drawing and paintings, audio and audio-visual productions. Besides the economic reasoning, copyright law finds justification within sociological and the ethical parameters too. It recognizes both the natural right that an author has in order to prevent mutilation of his creation, and the contribution made by such works to the advancement of society as a whole. Neighbouring rights protection: Related or neighbouring…

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