Opposition to trademark – Trademark Registration in Cochin

Opposition to registration: –trademark registration The registrar may serve a copy of the notice on the applicant for registration and within the time period of 2 months from the receipt by the applicant of such copy of the notice of opposition, the applicant would have sent to the registrar in the prescribed manner, a counter-statement of the grounds on which it relies on the application and if he does not do so, he may deem to have abandoned this application.…

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Who may make an application for removal? – Trademark Removal

Who may make an application for removal – “person aggrieved”: An application for removal of a registered trademark is to be made in the prescribed manner by any “Person aggrieved”. The term “person aggrieved”, though not defined in the act, has been liberally construed in several cases. The classic case in this respect is Powell’s TM where it was held that ‘I should be very unwilling unduly to limit the construction to be placed upon these words; because although they…

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