Removal from the register on ground of non-use – Trademark Registration

Removal from register and imposition of limitations on ground of non-use: A registered trademark may be taken off the register in respect of the goods or services in respect of which it is registered on application made in the prescribed manner to the registrar or the appellate board by any person aggrieved on the ground either- Trademark registration in Coimbatore with the best price, can avail only at the finest legal consultant in Coimbatore ->Check out the details here.  …

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Decree of injunction to the plaintiff and the defendant

Decree for injunction to the plaintiff and the defendant. Decree to be specific: The decree must be reasonably specific as to acts which are prevented. Injunctions are sometimes passed in general terms such as form otherwise in any manner whatever unfairly competing with the plaintiff. These can serve only to create a moral effect or an atmosphere in terrorum but would not, it is submitted, be enough to charge the defendant with contempt. Even without the decree the defendant is…

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What is a Permanent injunction of a trademark? – Trademark Registration

Here, we are going to discuss what is the permanent injunction of a trademark in detail with some real time examples to understand better. Permanent injunction: Permanent injunction is granted or denied at the discretion of the court after investigation of all the facts at the trial. This discretion “when applied to a court of law means discretion guided by law. It must be governed by rule and not by humor. It must not be arbitrary, vagile and fanciful, but…

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