Register your trademark as soon as possible – Trademark Registration

When is the best time to register your trademark and what are things must be considered are discussed here. Here the significant things are presented in a way to make you understand better. This is what the question often asked in the business area. On one hand, entrepreneurs are very excited to register their trademark right away before someone starts using the trade name. On the other side, people usually think that trademark registration is expensive and time consuming, especially…

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Procedure by the registrar – Trademark Registration in Coimbatore

Here, we are going to  discuss about the procedure which is to be followed by the registrar during trademark process. Upon receipt of an application for registration, the registrar’s office undertakes what is described as ex-officio examination of the application. Ex-officio examination of application: It causes a search to be made amongst the registered trademarks and the pending applications to ascertain whether there are on record, in respect of the same or similar goods or services or description of goods or…

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