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Documents and Fees required for a Trademark Registration in India

Trademark Registration and Required Documents Getting a Trademark registration in India is a far simpler system in comparison to other […]

trademark opposition

Trademark Opposition Proceedings – Trademark Registration in Coimbatore

Trademark Opposition proceedings in India  Trademark Opposition proceeding in India, although very extensive, is very thrilling and fun. Before diving […]

trademark registration consultants

Short Notes of Trademark Registration Consultants in Cochin

Trademark Registration Consultants in Cochin Trademark is a type of intellectual property. It comprises of sign, design and the symbol. […]

Trademark Registration

Why the Business people want Trademark Registration in India?

Trademarking a Brand Name By trademark your company’s name, you’re shielding the brand, its reputation, and your ideas, all of […]


Advantages & Disadvantages of Trademark Registration in Coimbatore

What is Trademark Registration? A trademark is that the name of one’s brand or may be a service mark. Before […]

All about Trademark Agent for Trademark Registration in India

Register of trademark agents The Registrar of Trademarks shall maintain a Register of trademark agents wherein shall be entered the […]


Opposition to Trademark Registration – Trademark Registration in Cochin

What is a Trademark Opposition? After the examiner reviews your trademark application and finds that it qualifies for registration, your […]

Cancellation of Registration – Trademark Registration in Cochin

This Article corresponds to section 52 of the former Act of 1958 and empowers the Registrar to vary or Cancellation the […]


Licensing of Trademarks – Trademark Registration in Cochin

Licensing of Trademarks The law governing the licensing of trademarks and registration of the registered users has been substantially modified, […]

Difference between Objection & Opposition – Trademark Registration in Coimbatore

Introduction to Trademark Objection and Opposition In the trademark examination process, there are two main things may happen one is […]